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Thursday, 29 November 2012

The Straight Times: The Arrest turned into confession of sins

The Straight Times: The Arrest turned into confession of sins: Ladies and gentlemen! May I have your attention. Please be informed that the CPIB had arrested 20 “TIONG-KOK-NIANG” (China people) for quest...

The Arrest turned into confession of sins

Ladies and gentlemen!
May I have your attention.

Please be informed that the CPIB had arrested 20 “TIONG-KOK-NIANG” (China people) for questioning.
After interrogated all, 4 have been charged in the Subordinate Courts under section 10(a) of the Criminal Law (Temporary Provisions) Act (Chapter 67) read with section 109 of the Penal Code (Chapter 224).

At SPH (Si-Peh-Ho), we have sent our reporter into the dressing room to take note on happenings behind closed door. Go and mix a cup of kopi “O” and let our reporter update you with interesting dialogues between the strikers and referee in this match of “exchanging words”.


CPIB : Who is the chief striker? Stand forward now!

There was silence among “Tiong-Kok” strikers. They were starring at each other from left to right. Wondering who is the one dared to hold the ball.

CPIB : This is a last chance for all of you. If there isn’t anyone who is going to admit, I will issue “RED CARD” to everyone. If you want to be hero, you must have the guts to be one. Come forward and do not implicated other.
At the count to 3, I will send all of you to the changing room. One….! Two…..! Thr…….

Before the last count of “THREE”, 4 Tiong-kok-lao put their foot forward in unison timing.

CIPB : So! You must be The Fantastic 4. Very good! The rest is dismissed except The Fantastic 4 is staying back.

CPIB : You like to hold ball???? I shall let you juggle your own ball non-stop. Tell me! Why did you went on strike?

Fantastic 4 : Being chief striker, it is our ultimate goal to strike at our opponent, SMRT . We want to get even with the score-line. That is our only hope to stay in the game.

CPIB : You can’t charged at SMRT’s goal-mouth without going through proper channel.

Fantastic 4 : We did! First, we attacked from the left flank ( supervisor ) but he kelong the game (avoided responsibility) and let us passed through. Then, we crossed the ball to the right flank ( Human Resources Dept). And they , the HR clerks paid no heed of our grievances. So, we turned and dribble the ball to the centre , ( HR manageress). Again, she packed the centre defend with all the staff and refused to let us charged at the SMRT penalty-box (top management office).

This game is unfair. SMRT resorted to dirty tactics. But they can’t kill off our strong-will to get our equalizing goal.
We took a shot at SMRT goal-mouth from 30 yards away from the goal-post. And guess what SMRT goal-keeper (top management) did???? They shifted the goal-post and seal-off the goal-mouth (shut the door and refused to meet us). You tell me! Is this a fair game???

CPIB : I do understanding your plight and I do sympathized your grievances. But you must learn and accept that this is the way they played unlawfully with their own citizens (Singaporeans) too. They have been playing such
unscrupulous way for decades. In fact, all Singaporeans had learned to play back at them. Sadly to tell you the true.
Such unethical and immoral practices had turned every Singaporeans into a emotionless society. We never learn to show kindness and concern to other. We never learn to show gracious and extend a helping hand to other.
We have became so evil that we abused, cheated, lied, and exploited other for the benefit of ourselves.
Please forgive me for being useless, arrogant , ignorance, inconsiderate and rude with my words. I have to follow the system instead of handling this matter with human’s touch and feeling. You can call me “PIG” or “INHUMAN”. I have no pride, integrity and lacked of honesty coz we are bought up and educated by stupid unsystemically way.
Though I have attained oversea tertiary education and drawing FIRST WORLD CLASS salary, but I can’t make my own decision. At home, I have to listen to my wife’s order. In office, I have to follow stupid order. Even in my own personal life, I have to abide by those stupid laws.
That is how we learn to live unemotionally as a slave in a First World Class country. Every Singaporeans are materialistic. They drive luxury cars and live in posh condo. They insisted other must respect and address them “SIR” or “MADAM”. They will order you into their office to “SETTLE” matter instead of being polite and understanding toward other. They like to act smart and act “hao-lian”(proud) and act “lee-hi” (capable) but they got nothing to prove.

The Fantastic 4 were crying uncontrollably after hearing the confession of true Singaporeans’ voice, they said : “ We apologize for our mistake. We didn’t know that Singaporeans are living in a “SLAUGHTER HOUSE”. We think you are worst than us . Though, we have to live with bed bugs but you are living with “BLOOD-SUCKERS”.
This is a very enlightening story. Thank you. We are calmn and peace after listened to your good explanation.
If SMRT management and all stupid statutory board have adopted your kind advice and wordings, we could have solved this matter amicably and peacefully. We could become friends and buddies.
Do as you deem is “RIGHT”. We are prepare to face the consequences but we hope that they do learn to change their unlawful way from this strike. Let this message serve as an “awakening call” to all stupid Singaporeans to reflect on themselves.


Oh ! My God.

What had it turned up!

An interrogation had turned into a confession of sins.


My dear readers,

This must be the best educational news you ever learned.
This must be the best holy place you ever want to worship.

The “RIGHT” way is always the “RIGHT” religion for you to learn.
The “RIGHT” words are always the “RIGHT” holy book you want to read.

The “RIGHT” report is always found in the “RIGHT” news, “THE STRAIGHT TIMES”.
Stay tuning to our forum, “SINGAPORE MY BELOVED COUNTRY” and you will become an “up-RIGHT” person.



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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

The Straight Times: Bus Drivers on Strike

The Straight Times: Bus Drivers on Strike: Welcomes!   Thank you for following our news updating report by The Straight Times. Today, our reporter will be hitting down to the s...

Bus Drivers on Strike



Thank you for following our news updating report by The Straight Times.
Today, our reporter will be hitting down to the streets to gather feedback from the public.

Rest assured! We have got approval from Streetsmartfighter’s permit to roam his streets .
The areas our reporter is covering are : The Sesame Street, Street of London, Street fighters, and Temple Street.


Reporter : Excuse me, Liang Po Po. What is your personal opinion based on the bus drivers from China who went on strike recently??

Liang Po Po : Wo..wo..wo.. I..I..I.. am totally against their action. That is why I have never engaged China actors or actress to act in my movies. Beside, they are demanding lot, they have a habit of acting smart. Told them to strip off their shirts, but they stripped everything off fully naked. Asked them to act in a kissing scene, they went on with full intercourse with leading actor in hotel-i-one.

Reporter : Can I take a few minutes of your times?

Xiao Long ni : Sure! What can I offer you?

Reporter : Xiao Long ni, what do you have to say about those China bus drivers who went on strike?

Xiao Long ni : Aiyah….Who care?? Though, we came from China but I would not want to be a busybody to interfere with others’ problem. In China, “EVERY MEN IS FOR THEMSELVES” & I am a woman for myself.
Our sole objective is to make as much money during our stay in Singapore. And I think those bus drivers are “RIGHT” to voice out their grievances. It is a common sight to find industrial strikes happening in China.
Regardless of nationality, as a human being, we have to stand up to fight for our “RIGHTS”.

Reporter : Hi, could I have a conversation with you, Ah Pek (old man)????

Ah Pek : What do you want to talk?

Reporter : I am gathering public’s opinion on this bus drivers from China who stated a strike at their dormitory.

Ah Pek : Those “TIONG-KOK-NIANG” (China people) are very “GAO-JIE”(troublesome). 得寸进尺 (give one inch and they demand one yard). Theirs complaint of accommodation is an excuse lah.
Their main target is “钱多多”. If you give them money instead of providing free accommodation, they will saved up the money and sleep on the roadside lah.
If they refused to do housekeeping, even you provide them a place in the castle. They will turn it into a rubbish dump site lah. Theirs complaint cannot be valid lah. Otherwise, SMRT will have to provide maid services for all the employees lah. I will be very happy if SMRT can wash and iron my clothes and mop my floor too.
Do you know what is lacking of those Tiong-kok-niang (China people)??? Becoz of money, they rather spend time working over-time instead of choosing a healthy and well organized life-style.
Their mindset is no different from our local employers and govt. They will do any immoral things for the sake of making money. In short, they lacked of “REN-GE” 人格 (moral quality).

Reporter : Could you spare me your times to talk about the bus drivers who went on strike?

Ah neh (Indian prc) : In my opinion, it is all the fault of the SMRT management . It is typically Singapore hostile way of handling human’s matter. Often, they brushed away your complaint and insisted that we must followed their stupid unlawful way. It has been a traditional way of practicing by the govt and that is why Singapore is rated at a “UNEMOTIONAL FEELING” country. They do not respect human rights and they never treat their citizens in a RIGHT” way.
You see! All those problems are actually created by them. During the recession, they sacked Singaporeans and brought in cheap foreign workers. They provide free accommodation to foreigners but sold flats to Singaporeans at a “WORLD CLASS PRICES”. They will clean up the dormitory for the foreign workers but collect maid levies from Singaporeans.
They either pay normal rate or no over-time pay for Singaporeans but instead give those foreign workers over-time rate of one and a half time. They provide free transportation, accommodation, meals, air-ticket and annual medical check-up for the foreign workers but no benefit to Singaporeans.
Singaporeans had to borrow money to pay for their tertiary educational and thereafter, took up courses from WDA and even can’t find employment in their own country. The foreign workers are given free training and courses fee are covered by the employers.
In short, those bastard employers is inhuman and served them “RIGHT”. This is call “RETRIBUTION” (报应

Reporter : Sorry to hold your times. What is your comment on SMRT strike?

Passenger : Those foreign bus drivers are too much lah. They want to make comparison with other but never take a look into the mirror at themselves. They can’t speak nor understood other languages except Mandarin. Asked them where is Jurong or Ang mo Kio and they don’t know. They can’t read road sign and anyhow knock-down and killed pedestrians . They have to spend at least 1 year on job training with fully paid-salary to familiar the road directory as compared to local bus drivers who can immediately be more productive and efficient on the job. They have lacked of potential to be groomed into high position becoz of inexperience working record.
They can work like a dog and lick until the local boss so happy and shiok. But, they can’t plan, organize, and lead.
They liked to do job on their own and by their own way. They are not a good team players.


My dearest readers,

The public have given their opinion and they shared different perspective on the same issue of industrial strike by SMRT bus drivers from China.
I believe you do have your own point of view on the issue.
We hope you could share with us by posting your comment on this forum, “SINGAPORE MY BELOVED COUNTRY”. We shall treat your comment as “CONFIDENTIAL”. We will not publish it until we seek for your consent and approval.


Good bye and Good morning!

Remember! Keep staying tune to SPH (Si– Peh-Ho) for more updating.

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

The Straight Times: Industrial Strike

The Straight Times: Industrial Strike: Dear Readers, Our reporter from The Straight Times is holding a meeting with the parties concern. It is a closed-door discussion among them ...

Industrial Strike

Dear Readers,

Our reporter from The Straight Times is holding a meeting with the parties concern.
It is a closed-door discussion among them and no one is allowed to take a glance into the meeting room.
However, we are too smart to leave the window opened and let you hear the on-going discussion.


Reporter : China man, what is your grievances with the management? What made you went on strike?

China man : It is theirs fault. They treated us unfairly. We have been discriminated and under-paid .
We have brought up this matter to their attention but they just brushed us aside and take no heed of our dissatisfaction. They are a bunch of unqualified employers.

Management : You had signed a contract with us. You had to honor the term and rules laid out by us. This is the way we anyhow ruled as we liked.
Also, we took orders from the top rulers. They have keep reminding us it is the way we became 1st world class.

China man : 1st world class your stupid head. We ain’t Singaporeans and we will not succumb to your stupid dumb laws. All we are asking is to be treated fairly and just.
What kind of laws is it that we had to give 14 days notice before we go on strike?
Why should we seek union assistance or other outlets to solve our dispute with the company?
Isn’t it is the duty of the employer to give us an explanation and correct their wrongdoings by compensating us?
It is between us, the employees against the employer. It is an internal affair and nothing to do with outsiders.

Reporter : Sorry for the interruption. I thought the management have promised to get back to you within a week???

China man : Let me repeat myself again! I ain’t Singaporeans and I am not so stupid to be deceived by their way of managing people affairs. They have a bad habit of telling lies after lies to their people. We, China people knew too well of your country. Singaporeans are easily bully by the rulers but we are not that easily taken for a ride.
We are from China and we know you do not have the gut to touch us. You are just a small dot compared to my big and powerful country, you are nothing. Understand!

Management : You are uncooperative and impatient. We need time to feedback to the top rulers and wait for their order.
You are being too emotion.

China man : Emotion your stupid dumb head lah! Didn’t they had classified you as the worst people with unemotional feeling??? Ha..ha..ha..
As like those stupid A1 forummers and TV presenters who went on national TV to discuss this topic without understanding what other is implying. Let me teach you stupid Singaporeans what they meant when they rated you as unemotional country. They are saying that your country is having too many laws and the people are just following the laws blindly without any feelings of disgust and anger. Understand now! Stop talking stupid things when you do not understood others meaning. Be smart like the Dragon Clan but do not act smart lah.
Got it????
If you did not meet our demand, there shall be more industrial strikes from other sectors.

Reporter : Excuse me, China man. If you said Singaporeans are unemotional people. What do you think when you have drove the bus and killed Singaporeans on the roads??? Do you have any emotional guilt and sorrow for your act?

China man : Who asked them to instigate and provoked us?? They are means toward us and called us funny names.
Those passengers often criticized and scolded us rudely. They always think they are a class above us. But the true fact is that in our opinion, they are coward and stupid lot. They are lazy, dumb, slow at work, uncreative and no initiative. They can’t survive by themselves and always relied on their rulers for handouts and solutions.

Management : Cut off your dirty craps! Either you obey our laws or you pack and get lost to your own country.
You can do whatever you liked in China but not in Singapore. Understand!

Reporter : It seen that both of you are not going to compromise and come to an amicably agreement.
Like the Chinese saying : 因不了解而结合 ,但了解而分开 。
(they married becoz of trying to understand each other and they divorced becoz they understood too well of each other)

I think the best solution is to go each other separate way.
Again, like the Chinese saying : 世上没有不散的宴席.
( The banquet has to end and parting is inevitable )

And the time has came that we shall end this meeting.


Dear Readers,
We hope you have plugged your ears near the window and heard their discussion.

Keep plug-in to our news reporting. At SPH (Si-Peh-Ho), we will let every stones turned and unveil the secret hidden in everyone’s heart and mind.

Thank you for staying with us.
Good nite.